Wood Phyt'ether

30 ml

This 100% natural serum is a blend of essential oils, including rosemary, lemon, and cypress, to address oily skin, blackheads and pigmentation. And promotes skin energy balance. It is mixed in a vegetal oil of grape seed, avocado, and jojoba. Cereal extract and E vitamin are added to increase its nourisshing properties.

The 5 emotional serums

5x 5 ml

The emotional cure probes your subconscious to restore your strength and well-being. The subconscious mind is 250'000 times faster than the conscious mind and knows how to make the right decisions for our well-being. It communicates them to us mainly through what we like. Because what we like is what makes us feel good. The aroma diagnosis allows us to choose the serum that does us the most good every day. Apply to the skin for targeted beauty results or to the hands for an intense emotional balancing. The treatment shows remarkable effects from the third day onwards.

Wood Clay Mask

100 ml

The Green Clay is of natural origin. It has a purifying effect and promotes skin hydration for face, scalp and body. It is formulated with essential oils to address the skin conditions of the Wood element: Oily skin, blackheads and pigmentation.

Wood Element

50 ml

This cream is generally applied in the evening. It balances the energetic effects of the Spring / Wood season. It is a treament cream against the skin conditions of the Wood element: excessively oily skin, blackheads and pigmentation. In addition to its energetic properties, it offers good moisterizering and nourrishing attributes. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, known to be great anti-aging ingredients.

Wood Ceresal

50 ml

This day cream balances the energetic effects of the Spring. It is also effective agsinst the skin conditions of the element Wood: excessive oily skin, blackheads, and pigmentation spots.

Wood Selextreme

500 ml

Wood Selextreme micronized salts are a natural exfoliating scrub for the face and body destined to improve the look and feel of the skin. Used in the shower or sprinkled over a warm bath, its crystals will have a regenerating effect on both mind and skin.

Extracted from deep inside the mountains, Wood Selextreme salts are naturally purer than sea salt and are infused with lemon, cypress and rosemary essential oils in order to help restore the balance of Wood skins while boosting self-confidence levels.

Wood Selextreme was designed in harmony with the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine and is a Quantum Phytobiodermie certified product.

Yogi Body Wood

200 ml

Body energy and purification with the first certified Quantic Phytobiodermie gel that balances Confidence and purifies the skin. Use only on the body, morning and evening. Apply on the abdomen area, center of emotions, to balance the emotional state of Confidence; and also on areas of the body in need of purification.

Wood Shampoo

500 ml

End oily hair!

With a shampoo formulated to balance oily hair and scalp. Algae extract provides mineralization to revitalize. Essential oils of rosemary, cypress, and lemon, regulate sebum production, improve tone, and provide astringent properties while improving skin energetic balance. The scalp is healthier and hair gains volume and brilliance.

Wood Skin Toner

200 ml

A skin toner gentle and refreshing, without alcohol, with the property of balancing the Wood aspect of vital energy. This toner tones and hydrate the face.